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  R & D

Commercial Projects


The company has successfully run one of the most demanding and complex IT projects. On behalf of INBIT undertook to develop a system for tracking medical equipment lifecycle.
The system also manages spare parts and maintenance, providing complete and reliable information to medical units.

Hellenic Open University

The company took in 2008 on behalf of the Greek Open University to create an integrated electronic evaluation.
The system is carrying out the process from beginning to end and includes among others:

• Creation of electronic questionnaires
• Performance evaluation process
• Comprehensive reports
• Advanced security techniques

Portal of tourist and cultural promotion of the Municipality Kastro-Kyllini

The OptionsNet in 2009 has successfully implemented the website of tourist and cultural promotion of the Municipality Kastro-Kyllini.

The project, budgeted at 50,000, should help significantly in attracting tourist visitors to the Municipality with immediate effect of improving the economic fundamentals of local markets.
You can visit the project website at


Digital Achaia

The company undertook on behalf of the Prefecture of Achaia the creation of a web site to promote IT projects conducted in the prefecture of Achaia with the support of European Union. The project was implemented by using state of the art software tools and you can visit it at  

Portal of the Prefecture of Achaia

The OptionsNet took the reconstructionof the site of the Prefecture of Achaia. Using the experience and high technical expertise of its executives has created a website which is a key portal service for citizens and businesses of the county. The website of the Prefecture of Achaia is

Cultural Portal of Achaia

Prefecture of Achaia and OptionsNet are glad to announce the launch of the new Cultural Portal of Achaia. The Portal provides a complete anthem of Achaia's culture, available for tourists, scientists, students and anyone interested in culture.

At the Portal the visitor may find, among others:

  •  More than 1000 annotated images and photos
  •  More than 200 documents (in more than one languages)
  •  25 minutes of selected video
  •  Creative interactive online games

The Project has been co-financed by the E.U.  & Regional Funds