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JUN 2015

LYNCEUS2MARKET H2020 Project Starting Date: 01/06/2015

JAN 2015

H2020 Proposal LYNCEUS2MARKET positively evaluated and invited to negotiations

SEP 2017

FrontierCities2, SaMMY sub-grant Agreement: 01/09/2017

JUN 2014

Natiotal R&D Project BIOTAYTOTHTA sucessfully finilazed

JUL 2017

Start of the Innovation Support Voucher for SaMMY, under the NEPTUNE BlueGrowth Accelerator, financed by EU (Contract: 26/07/2017)

JUN 2017

Sammy Grant Aggrement with SymbIoTe for Specific Extension Contract: 01/06/2017

OKT 2014

R&D FP7 Project Lynceus is awarded the prestigious Lloyds'award for innovation