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eVAL pro

The evaluation of an academic institution's education level is a very powerful tool needed to improve the level of education.

The E-val Pro allows the students to evaluate the level of professors and courses through an automated procedure.

 The full package consists of :

  • Subsystem of Content Management (Electronic Evaluation Structure and Content Management System)

  • ElectronicEvaluationPortal

     eval pro


The electronic protocol system by OptionsNet is the ideal tool to manage all the procedures required to maintain a protocol system for pubic or private organizations.

The system provides full functionality with a variety of major database systems and runs in all operating systems.

The new version includes (among others) management of incoming and outgoing documents, document routing and information management.


Web Praxis

The Praxis information system is a state of the art tool to manage information regarding medical equipment. Through the system we can monitor the life cycle of medical equipment, and apply quality control through world wide quality standards.

The system also uses quality and performance indexes to measure the efficiency and the cost of maintenance.

The Praxis was developed in open architecture platforms and can operate in various operating systems and databases.



The e-Plant information system deals with a critical problem regarding management of orthopedic implants. The intergraded solution provides the tools needed to monitor implants as a whole or per passion.

The information system is based on open architecture and has been implemented with state of the art software development tools providing compatibility with the vast majority of data base management systems.

The full package consist of :

  • Software
  • Servers
  • Technological infrastructure (Smart card readers / writers, smart cards)


Bank Budget MIS

Creatingand monitoring the budgets of financial institutions is a very delicate and crucial process. The OptionsNet's Bank Badget MIS system offers the possibility of managing and monitoring the overall budget by business unit.  Each budget unit (store), can import data budget (target block) under the plan of the Bank and the pre-defined rights.

Through the system, the staffers (managers, regional directorates, etc.) immediately informed the budget data entered - the budget units that affect them (status report) - and have the option of viewing and processing. After finalizing the details of each budget unit (store), the system accumulates data, groups them up according to the plan of the Bank (which is set during system initialization). The system also provides tools for exporting data through interoperable formats to feed other information systems.

     Bank Budget MIS


By this product OptionsNet provide a credible solution to a very big issue regarding the safe access to military or other organization with increased security demands.

The full package includes the software, the hardware and the infrastructures combined in one fully functional Information System.

The basic functionalities of the system are :

  • Staff Management
  • Security Control
  • Access and Safety Rights Management

The basic hardware consists of:

  • Servers
  • Magnetic Card Printers
  • Magnetic Card Readers
  • Magnetic Cards