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  R & D

R & D Overview

OptionsNetbelieves that the key to an increasing course over time is to invest in research and creating innovative products that can open new markets.

In this context he has participated and continues to participate in major research projects some of which follow below



SaMMY  - A Smart App for the Management of Yachting Marinas

SaMMY is a Smart App for the Management of Yachting Marinas, aspiring to be the ultimate travel companion for yachters, skippers and marina administrators. It supports e-booking services for the berth spaces with navigational and parking assistance features, introduces alert mechanisms for various incidents and gives the opportunity to the travelers to explore the Marina zones, enabling mobile guidance. SaMMY is a revolutionary App in the Maritime domain, expanding the up-to-now perception of smart mobility in Yachting Marinas.

The project consists of a two-step implementation breakdown. During the first step, OPTIONSNET's technical and commercialisation experts participate in the 3-day Grantee Mobilisation Bootcamp, held in Brussels between the 22nd and the 24th of July 2015. A one-month inception phase will follow during which the final specifications and requirements for the Technology Development and Precommercial & Market uptake phases will be set. Step-two refers to the deployment step (9-month Deployment Phase) consisting of two parallel actions: a) Technology Deployment & End User Trials and b) The pre-Commercial & Market Uptake.




Lynceus2Market - An innovative people localisation system for safe evacuation of large passenger ships


Maritime disasters in recent years are a stark reminder of the imperative need for timely and effective evacuation of large passenger ships during emergency. The Lynceus2Market project addresses this challenge through delivering a revolutionary operational system for safe evacuation based on innovative people localisation technologies.

The system consists of: 1) Localisable life jackets that can provide passenger location in real-time during emergency 2) Smart smoke detectors that also act as base stations of an on-board localisation system 3) Innovative localisable bracelets able to send activity data to the emergency management team 4) Low cost fire and flooding escalation monitoring sensor notes 5) novel mustering handheld devices for automatic identification and counting of passengers during evacuation 6) Smart localisable cabin key cards 7) Intelligent decision support software able to fuse all localisation, activity and disaster escalation data to provide an integrated real-time visualisation, passenger counting and evacuation decision support 8) Innovative shore or ship-launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for localising people in the sea in short time and assisting search and rescue operations when accident occurs in extreme weather, during the night or in a remote location 9) Low-cost rescue-boat mounted radars for people localisation in the vicinity of the boat.

The proposed project is based on the promising results developed in the FP7 LYNCEUS project where the innovative technologies were tested in lab and in small scale pilots. Lynceus2Market brings together European global players in the field, such as cruise ship owners, operators, ship builders, maritime equipment manufacturers, a classification society, industry associations and important technology organisations with the aim to implement the first market replication of these technologies and products. The Lynceus2Market will create significant impact by saving passenger lives during maritime accidents.


LYNCEUS - People localization for safe ship evacuation during emergency


Optionsnet participates at LYNCEUS project which has received funding form the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (Capacities, Research for SME associations / groupings) managed by REA – Research Executive Agency under Grant Agreement No. 286148.

The aim of the LYNCEUS project is to develop a distributed wireless sensor network system that will enable the ship safety officer and team to monitor the location of each passenger for safe evacuation, to monitor in real time the status and spread of the emergency (flood, fire etc) and also provide the engineers with vital information for proper maintenance and optimization of the ship operation procedures.

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The project aims at delivering high quality healthcare services for breast cancer detection and diagnosis 
through a web accessible CBIR-based CAD scheme for multimodal breast image interpretation.. 
Specifically, the project is dedicated to improve radiologists' detection and diagnostic accuracy in the following clinical tasks:
mass and microcalcification cluster detection (i.e. differentiation of user selected ROIs depicting a suspect lesion from ROI depicting normal mammographic parenchyma) and diagnosis (i.e. classification of a ROI depicting a lesion into malignant or benign type) in mammography as well as mass-like lesion diagnosis in Ultrasound (US) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI),  with the latter two commonly used as mammography adjunct non-ionizing modalities.
Additionally, the project aims to promote knowledge in the research area of computerized medical image analysis and medical informatics and further contribute in knowledge transfer to industry and the end users through innovative technological developments and their integration and availability in the clinical environment.

Bio - Identity

Optionsnet participate in the project "Safe and revocable biometric ID cards for Use in Ambient Intelligence Environments - BioIdentity" (ΒΙΟΤΑΥΤΟΤΗΤΑ ).

The main goal of ΒΙΟΤΑΥΤΟΤΗΤΑ is to fuse information from various sensors capturing the dynamic behavioural profile of the user (face, gait, body, and dynamics) and to develop an innovative system based on multimodal coding and encryption principles in order to enhance security in information systems and Ambient Intelligence Infrastructures in general on the basis of biometric signature storage and reuse level. To achieve the aforementioned goal, the current proposal will develop new biometric technologies related to behavioural features in which the user will be involved, with reference to use cases where anthropometric biometrics will be tested to enhance the safety and reliability of networks and services infrastructure.

The main objective of ΒΙΟΤΑΥΤΟΤΗΤΑ is the integration of biometrics in information systems and Ambient Intelligence Infrastructures in order to support user continuous authentication and monitoring (verification of user identity). Particular focus will be paid to the unobtrusiveness of user's monitoring as well as to the secure storage of biometric templates in order to achieve the unobtrusiveness and the universal acceptance of such a system. The research focus is on unobtrusive sensors integrated in the infrastructure. The analysis of face features and body dynamics is expected to provide useful information for the dynamic behavioural profile of the user as well as his/her anthropometric profile. Among the innovations of the proposed project is the focus on activity-related patterns in order to fully characterize the human.   (


The company successfully participated in the project "Development of Methods of Artificial Intelligence for Diseases of the Lower Extremity."

The project aimed to develop a methodology for designing control systems based on computational intelligence methods and restore lower limb disabilities. The recovery of lower limb disabilities will be made through Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES), namely through the use of artificially generated electrical pulses that will irritate the nerves and properly checked by the control systems to restore normal gait.

New indicators to optimize the gait will be incorporated in control systems to help restore the system to better walking. Patients who could benefit are those suffering from loose type of paralysis of the nervous tissue of the legs where the muscle tissue remains syspastiki capacity and can be stimulated by ilektrodiegerti.
More information can be found on the project