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OPTIONSNET is a rapidly developing IT service provider. Activated originally in the region of Western Greece,the company was established mainly due to its high quality standards for a range of services and technological solutions. The devotion to our clients, important Greek carriers and companies, our methodical approach to the projects we undertake and our continuous friction with advanced technological issues, established us among the best local companies in the fields of Software & Web Engineering, ICT consulting & IT Project Management. Partnerships with large ICT companies and institurions in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus is another great challenge, as demanding multilevel activities are undertaken resulting significant add-on to the overall know-how of our company. Taking advantage of the academic background of our CEO’s, we managed to set up an R&D department, mainly focused to provide added-value to our services and products. As a result, our company is participating in a significant number of European and national R&D projects in various ICT-related fields. Finally, our great experience in Interregional Cooperation Programs, acting as IT consultants to major Public Greek bodies , provides an additional asset to our overall portfolio.


Who we are


Being connected with primary Research Institutes, Universities, Public Authorities and major IT related Greek companies, OptionsNet’s vision is to be a part of the new, emerging IT economy in Greece, the EU and worldwide.


OptionsNet has recently extended its presence in Athens and Limassol (CY) enriching its network with new important associates, partners and clients..


Optionsnet was awarded from Global LLOYD’S Innovation  for the year 2014 and selected  from  many EU accelerators as Fiware, Frontiecities, startup Grind and many others.

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Lynceus2Market has been highlighted by the European Commission as a success story.

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Poseidonia 2018

Optionsnet  at Posidonia  2018 with  Lynceus-project and SaMMY

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